LIFT 2014, London, Barcelona, Lagos

LIFT and The Space commissioned elastic future to make a new international and interactive performance for LIFT 2014 using actors in London, Barcelona and Lagos, Nigeria.


3 cities, 20 billion gallons of fresh water and an unlikely conspiracy to make a killing from climate change.


A series of three live online performances for LIFT 2014.


Directed by Erin Gilley.  Devised and performed by the company: Emily Altneu, Cris Blanco, Marc Blinder, Kiron Chakrobarty, Ifeoma Fafunwa, Aimar Perez Gali, Toyin Oshinaike, Tim Wright.  With music by Devoured by Violet.

"Google Hangouts' glitchy delays... lend an air of menace to the proceedings. Hangout's grainy live video feed also serves Longitude well: with truth and clarity so variable, there should be more than a little static to the story... it's great to see socially-engaged theater exploring the backroom dealings of water commodity profiteering."  -  DJ Pangburn, Vice

"Some of the most exciting commissions already granted include a Google Hangout theatre experiment produced by Elastic Future."   -  Liat Clark, Wired

"Lean In."  -  Jennifer Hicks, Forbes

Commissioned by LIFT, AND Festival and Waterman's for the launch of The Space.

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Copyright Erin Gilley, 2014