When we started elastic future, we set out to do plays in new places and new ways. We’re expanding the reach of the avant-garde, bringing experimental work to people of our generation. We perform in bars, closets, warehouses, art galleries - we mix art forms and influences. We deconstruct the traditional world of actor-stage-audience space to bring living breathing work right into your world. Elastic: Expanding.


It’s a resurrection of the experimental environmental theatre movement of the 60s. Our fourth wall is outside of our audience – we’re all in this experience together. This an experience we want to extend back into people’s lives, that’s why we don’t do curtain calls: we’re not holding the audience hostage and forcing their compliance, we’re creating an experience with them.


Our shows have music and art and emotional truth and pillows and wine and love and death and terror, it’s a whole world to enter and experience. We exist to seduce theatre’s lost lovers – everything for us is audience first.


You’ll have a good time. We promise.


Jessica Kitchens in Peek A Boo


Copyright Erin Gilley, 2014