June 2014 Longitude

LIFT and The Space commissioned digital theatre pioneers elastic future to make a new international and interactive performances for LIFT 2014 using actors in London, Barcelona and Lagos, Nigera.  Commissioned by LIFT, AND Festival and Waterman's for The Space.



July 2013 Peek A Boo (workshop performance)

elastic future in partnership with LIFT.  An experiment that uses Google Hangouts On Air to perform live theatre with an international cast streamed to a global audience. Weaving together actors from New York, London and Beirut Peek A Boo bring tells the story of two computer programmers, one webcam girl and the spies who can’t look away.



November 2013 The Call of Cthulhu (workshop performance)

An adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's short horror story re-written with a feminist edge, performed at Performance Space in Hackney Wick.



October 2012 Transatlantic Journey

elastic future moves to London.



April 2011 The Lily’s Revenge

elastic future in partnership with Magic Theatre, The Lily’s Revenge is a fantastical 5-hour cornucopia of theatre, party and circus. Over 40 performers and 6 directors tackle love and Prop 8 – using vaudeville, haiku, drag queens, ukuleles, feminist theories, dream ballets, and public dressing rooms to cross examine one of our oldest institutions: marriage.



2009-2010 Hibernation

Some of us got married, some of us had kids, some of us got PhDs, some of us helped get Barack Obama elected, some of us formed a band. All of us recharged our creative juices.



February 2008 Not Eye

Not Eye, a video and performance installation, was presented as part of the art gallery Root Division’s show Blackout - an exhibition of self-illuminating work.



October 2007 Beautiful Redux

Refreshed and remounted for an incredible Halloween run, Beautiful Redux is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the experimental theatre world. Deconstructionist art with cross dressing, cartoonishly evil villains, and a lot of leg.



March 2007 365 Days/365 Plays

The largest theatrical collaboration in history – Suzan-Lori Parks’ 365 Plays/365 Days. For our week of plays, we invited our audience to participate in a video art party. We spent a day interpreting text and shooting footage with our participants, and then in 24 hours edited 7 short films.



January 2007 The Greek Play

A co-production with the Mission art gallery Root Division, The Greek Play integrated live performance with visual art from artists nationwide. A radical re-writing of ancient Greek tragedy, The Greek Play recreated the community experience and ritual of ancient theatre traditions, speaking to our timeless human fate as mere mortals tortured or uplifted by forces outside of our control.



October 2006 Joiners

Inspired by the art of David Hockney, Joiners, a short film, recreates a fragmented moment of discord by combining multiple pieces of footage in each frame. Touching on themes of ego, communication, and brutality, Joiners is a light-hearted stuffed-animal-murdering glimpse into the lives of two women letting it all hang out in the sun and heat of a California rooftop.



July 2006 The Censor

Video projections created in partnership with Last Planet Theatre.



June 2006 We Are Not These Hands

Video projections created in partnership with Crowded Fire Theatre.



April 2006 The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Deal

A hybrid rock concert/play performed to sold out crowds at Amnesia (in the heart of the Mission). In Kim Deal, the Deal sisters grow up loud and fast from budding young punks to almost famous rock stars. Wildly inaccurate, packed beyond reason, hot, sweaty and incredibly loud, Kim Dealwas a surprisingly fitting tribute to an artistic hero of ours. This show was fueled by the incredible musical performance of members of the popular band Simon Stinger playing live Pixies and Breeders covers and it attracted fans from across the state including one of the Breeders herself.



March 2006 Edge

Video projections created in partnership with Phoenix Arts Association.



July 2005 James at the Altar

In James, an interactive theatre installation, our three leads moved ghost-like through the crowd in tattered wedding dresses telling their story of abandoning James the night before their wedding. And later these ghosts privately reenacted scenes from the lives of participants that needed to be undone, re-written, or simply relived.



March 2005 Beautiful

Performed at Cellspace, a converted warehouse in the Mission. In Beautiful, our first “theatre party,” cushions, couches, beanbags, rugs, lamps, and bedding transformed an industrial warehouse into a warm and cozy habitat for our actors and audience. Featuring drag queens, a live DJ, and tons of free wine we made a major spectacle of ourselves (culminating in an audience wide sing a long of the Divinyls “I Touch Myself”).



September 2004 Abducted - San Francisco Fringe Festival

Probing issues of gender and sexuality, liberation and power, Abducted is a radical re-imagining of the classic alien story.



December 2003 Heavy Days

elastic future was founded on the heels of Heavy Days, a collaboratively created piece performed as part of Shotgun Players Lab.



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